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Health Camps


In pursuance of its policy, NLM organized a Health Camp on the premises of their school for the underprivileged . This camp caters to all those people living in and around the village of Nangla Charandas, Phase II, NOIDA, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This is a part of the Outreach Programme of Noida Lok Manch, aimed at providing medical relief and assistance to those living in outlying areas. Experienced and qualified Doctors diagnose and prescribe and regular follow up is done by dedicated volunteers of the NGO. Available medicines are provided to the patients on the spot.

The MAY I HELP YOU counter at the district hospital in Sector 30, Noida, continued to identify and assist a large number of individuals in need of medical attention. Access to medical services and coordination between the patient and the doctor continued in bringing welcome relief for both doctors and patients.

Attendance of the volunteers at the District Hospital is very regular. The average number of free meals provided to the needy came to an average of around 562 meals a month. Free evening meals are provided to all Indoor patients free of cost, all the 365 days of the year without fail.

NLM vast and extensive network of volunteers and social workers covered the government district hospital to ensure that people from the ews of society received total care, help and assistance in accessing these facilities. NLM - MAY I HELP YOU SERVICES are available from 0830 hours to 1330 hours.

Pulse Polio Intervention Camps are held regularly.

Eye Camps for the check-up of Cataract development and Health Awareness Camps are held on frequent intervals.
Arrangement for blood donors in emergency cases .