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Antim Niwas

Antim Niwas

(Managed By Noida Lok Manch)

The Antim Niwas management was handed over to us by NOIDA AUTHORITY in 2002. During these 18 years with the help and guidance of our volunteers and Donors as well as the Noida Authority, we have been able to offer not only sympathy but continuous assistance and empathy to make the final parting easier on those who have the onerous duty of performing the last rites for the departed soul. After death every soul is paid due regards along with a wreath that is placed by Noida Lok Manch on behalf of all Noidaites irrespective of caste, creed and financial status.

  • This is the only Shavdahgrah in India with fixed costs and charges without any variable or discriminatory/premium rates of facilities. Absolute free cremation services are provided for any unclaimed body and the economically weaker section is given discount depending on the financial capacity of the family of the deceased.
  • The Noida Lok Manch, NGO is  providing the CNG facility at the Antim Niwas. It will certainly help in the cremation of the unclaimed bodies, will be less time consuming as well as eco-friendly system of cremation. The two CNG crematoriums are used by many Noidaities and more and more families are preferring it over the wood cremation.