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Chetna Shivir


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Noida Lok Manch had organized a ‘Chetna Shivir’ of about 431 students in Noida from 20th to 25th October, 2015. The inauguration Ceremony was commemorated on 20th October, 2015 at 11.00 AM by Shri Prabhat Kumar, Former Governor, Jharkhand and former Cabinet Secretary, Govt. of India and Chairman of Noida Lok Manch. The main objective of the Shivir was:

  • To ignite and liberate the mind of the students through holistic education imparted in the Shivir.
  • To awaken their minds to the positive spirit of inquisitiveness.
  • Importance of basic human value in shaping the character of individual.
  • The role of family and society in bridging the gaps in education and character building.
  • A good understanding of India’s heritage, its contribution of world civilization.
  • Awakening national pride in all.
  • Enabling the present generation to internalize the values and to enhance the capacity   to  take value based decisions.
  • Importance of social cohesion and religious amity to realize ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbukam.’
  • Meditation and Pranayam  for a peaceful, corrective and active mind.
  • To generate awareness amongst the students on the ecological balances, climate change, global warming, sustainable development and to meet the challenges of man- made and natural disaster.