Noida Lok Manch ke Saathi
Bundlekhand Lok Manch Trust


Bundelkhand area of Uttar Pradesh comprising of seven districts is a very backward region of the State. It is characterised by rampant poverty. Recurring drought, subsistence agriculture, industrial backwardness, languishing traditional household/cottage industries and inadequate infrastructure have kept the region as one of the most poverty stricken area. Employment and income generation programs run by government, hardly reach to the poor. The feudal mind set  of the society has further complicated the situation. Migration is a common feature. But migration to other states doesn’t solve the problems when the population living below poverty line is very large. Bundelkhand has become a synonym with drought, poverty, unemployment and perennial water stress. Lalitpur, Jhansi, Jalaun, Mahoba, Hamirpur, Banda and Chitrakoot Districts receive scanty rainfall and consecutive years of drought have resulted in repeated crop failures, thus complicating the whole situation.

Keeping in view the above facts in mind, the Bundelkhand Lok Manch Trust was created and has started functioning in Orai from 3rd February, 2017 on a rented property. The Trust has opened:-

1. Silai Kendra for imparting training to women of economically weaker section of the society.
2. Computer Training Centre for children of deprived section of the society in the region.

Bundelkhand Lok Manch intends to take the following steps in the coming days to:-

  • Purchase of 10 (Ten) acres of land for building activities etc.
  • Establishment of a school initially upto 8 class. Later on to be upgraded upto 10 + 2
  • Yoga classes
  • Rendering advice on health and hygiene primarily through ayurvedic and homoeopathic system of medicines.
  • Training for skill development
  • Water harvesting and water conservation.
  • Establishment of Sr. Citizen’s Home
  • Orphanage Home.

No doubt, Noida Lok Manch Trust has a team of volunteers residing in Noida and Bundelkhand regions and drawn from different walks of like administrators, educationists, armed forces, naval forces, air forces, judiciary, sport & cultural fields as well as the corporate world. They are experts in different fields and they have the deep desire to serve the society with their dedicated and committed efforts. With the support of public at large, we have been and will be able to serve the society in a meaningful way.

To start with, the main focus of the Bundelkhand Lok Manch Trust is on:-

  1. Skill Development (Computer Training Centre) for the unemployed youth/students.
  2. Skill Development (Silai Training School) for the unemployed women/girls/students.

The above two training Centres are in full swing and some of the trainee women are now earning between Rs. 1000 – 1500/- pm - thus making them self-reliant.

  • Silai Kendra in which 20 sewing machines will be given free of cost to women of economically weaker section of the society with clothes. They will be trained by expert tailor-master for USHA Certificate Course for a year enabling them to be financially empowered. During the training, they will make daily use bags (which will be environment friendly) and sell them to the consumers at a very low price, thus making themselves self-reliant. This will stop the use of polythene bags and thus protect environment.
  • Computer Learning Centre in which ten computers will be installed and children of deprived society will be given computer training, net surfing etc. As per their demands.
  • Establishment of a Beauty Parlour Training Centre.
  • Centre for making pickles etc.

Under the medium term planning, a land for the school will be acquired in the area where there is no school. Initially, the school will be opened for upto 8th standard which in long term will be upgraded upto High school and intermediate. It will be a role model public school which will have morning and afternoon shifts. The morning shift will be for the privileged group with fee etc. and the evening shift for under-privileged group without any fee. Thus, enabling the school financially sustainable in a period of 3-5 years.

Under the long term planning, Bundelkhand Lok Manch intends to establish :

  • Orphanage Home and
  • Senior citizen/old age Home
  • In ultimate analysis, a National renowned institution would be in the offing.

Orphanage Home

            After visiting the Region, we have seen that children ages from 3 to 15 do not have a parent or guardian in sight. They are completely left to themselves.  These children have no family, no proper clothing and no sense of stability whatsoever. They need a place like home and we are determined to make that happen so that children can grow up in a secured family environment.

Senior Citizen/Old age Home

The nuclear family system has merely replaced the age old joint family system which used to take care of children and old members of the family. We are in a period of transition.  The old system has nearly vanished but the institution of old Age Homes has not taken deep root in our country.

Keeping in view the above, Bundelkhand Lok Manch Trust have decided to have a Senior Citizen/Old age home in Orai, Distt. Jaulon (Bundelkhand) where the senior citizens can live in a dignified way.