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Community Radio Station - 91.2FM


COMMUNITY RADIO STATION   -   Voice of the Local People

  • The name of our radio station is Radio Noida Lok Manch 91.2FM Community Radio, Village Tilipta, Greater Noida.
  • Shri Yogendra Narain, former Chief Secretary, U.P., former Defence Secretary and former Secretary General, Rajya Sabha is the Project Chairman.
  • It is the only functional Radio Station at Greater Noida at present – a project of Noida Lok Manch and has been empanelled with DAVP.
  • It was inaugurated on 9th August, 2014 by the then Secretary (Power), Govt. of India Shri P.K. Sinha and Chairman, NOIDA,  Shri Rama Raman.
  • It is manned by qualified persons and having a Station Director in-charge of the Station.
  • The Community Radio Station functions from 7.00 AM to 1.00 PM and from 3.00 to 9.00 PM daily. It covers 47 (Forty seven) villages with approximately 250 kms square in circle. The villages are  Devla, Gulistapur, Jaitpur, Vaispur, Paali, Sheorajpur, Dhoom Manikpur, Makauda, Tilapta, Dadri, Eachachhar, Bodaki, Palla, Katehra, Chitehra, Khedi Bhanauta, Raipur, Nataavli, Dataavli, Chamravli Bodaki, Chamraavli Ramgarh, Rampur Jaagir, Sanpura, Kailashpur, Daulat Ram Colony, Roopwas, Omvatika Colony, Chaprana Colony, Dadri Sabzi Mandi, Ch. Vikrant Singh Nagar, Dhoom Kheda, Eta-1, Delta-2, Jaypee Resort, Alpha 1, Hemisphare Village, Zeta-2, Alpha-2, Gama-2, AVJ Heights, Unitech Horizon, Pie-1, NFL Society, Silver City, Wipro Special Zone, Kulibra and the last Village is Kulibra.
  • It starts with ‘Suprabhat’, teachings of various religions, important incidents of the local area and information of employment opportunities etc.
  • Local talents are encouraged to participate. ‘Ragini’ programme is very popular.
  • Talk of important opinion makers about Panchayati Raj Institutions.
  • Village and Block Development officers are invited to enlighten local citizens about Government policies and schemes.
  • The community talent along with our dedicated team can help to enlighten the community about its rights and duties highlighting social issues and empowerment of young women and senior citizens.
  • It has made an impact in the local community and they contact the Radio Station for their problems and day to day information.