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Shahpur Village Development



India is a land of countless villages. More than 80% of the Indian population lives in villages. Thats why it is said that Real India lives in villages. So it is very important to give greater attention and concentration to them. Many villages still lack the arrangements of basic facilities like health, education, transportation, potable water, sewage and toilets, drainage and swachhata awareness among others. There is a large scale of illiteracy as there are no educational facilities in villages. In order to develop our villages, the first and foremost step is to educate the young generation by opening schools and other infrastructure relating to education etc.

Shahpur Village:

It is felt that with the faster development of Noida Township through the activities of Noida Authority, the peripheral villages needs integration and proper planning for their  fast  and  scientific  development.  Taking  this  into  account, Noida Lok Manch Management has decided to adopt two villages of district Gautam Budh Nagar for their holistic development.  In this process, the first village has been identified Village – Shahpur Goverdhanpur. It is situated in Sector 128, Noida, District Gautam Budh Nagar, U.P. near Jaypee Hospital on the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. Most of the land has been acquired and the local resident population is approximately 3000 well-to-do families.  These families are involved in property dealing, tenancy, shops and restaurants etc. and most have farm houses too.  But this village has approximately 10,000 tenants who are from all over India and work as industrial labour or daily wage workers like auto drivers, domestic helps etc.

Our main focus will be:-

  • Health care i.e. allopathy, homoeopathy and ayurvedic may be made available under one roof.  Various pathological tests i.e. x-ray, blood and urine tests facilities etc. to be provided: 
        (a). Teaching of English and awareness of Computer Literacy

                               (b). Skill development training of youth for employment

      • (c). Setting up of Sanskar Schools for imparting quality education to the children.

        (d). Ensuring potable water in the village.

        (e). Toilets for the have-nots

        (f). Library in the village

                (g). Swachhata Abhiyan
  • We have organised a health camp for cancer awareness and detection on 21st March, 2015.
  • Health check-up camp under the supervision of medical expert from Government hospitals.Computer literacy project.